Wiggins & Paulino is a full-service boutique law firm based in Ithaca, New York. The firm was built on three core values: compassion, integrity, and excellence. Those values are intertwined throughout every facet of our practice and have remained our core for sixty years.

Walter J. Wiggins, Esq.—fondly known as “Wally Wiggins” around town—is the founder of the Wiggins & Paulino law firm. His dedication to excellence, the law, and his clients has proven time and time again that good things really do come in small law firms.

Jules J. Ravo, Esq. joined the firm in 2007, after practicing in and around New York City for twenty-five years. With his big city experience and small town charm, Mr. Ravo consistently adds new perspective and value to our firm.

Heidi S. Paulino, Esq. is the newest member of Wiggins & Paulino. Inspired by her grandfather, Mr. Wiggins, Ms. Paulino attended law school and ultimately found her way back to Ithaca to join the family law firm and continue building its legacy.

With three generations of attorneys, Wiggins & Paulino provides professional, compassionate, and zealous representation to individuals and businesses from all walks of life. While we are considered a “general practice law firm” and assist clients in all facets of the law, our firm’s primary emphases are: Personal Injury, Car Accidents; Premises Liability; Products Liability; Slip-and-fall; Litigation; Medical Malpractice; Real Estate; Landlord-Tenant; Criminal Law; Divorce; Corporate Law; and Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning.

We love getting to know our clients and are proud to advocate on their behalf. We believe each client deserves our respect, commitment, and dedication. At its most fundamental, the relationship of attorney and client is one of trust. When clients choose Wiggins Law Group for their legal needs, they can be sure that their confidences will be kept and that we will work zealously to achieve their desired result.

Wiggins & Paulino
Compassion • Integrity • Excellence